Wednesday, March 31, 2010

which way to go.

photo by NKPhillips

Making the decision to go back to school is a tough one.  There's much to consider, and whichever decision I make will have far reaching implications.  One day, I think it's time, and the next day, I don't feel ready.  I'm nearly sure that I've decided what to go back to school for, if in fact I do go.  I have an information session at the school I'm looking at on April 9, and hopefully that will help in making a decision. 

Here are the two sides:

Side 1:
I really enjoy my life right now.  I'm young, I have a great group of friends, an awesome boyfriend, I live in a place where I can be very active and have access to lots of outdoor activities, I'm working in the field that I got my degree in, and for the most part I enjoy my job, right now.  Why mess up a good thing?

Side 2: 
I've known for a while that I don't want to continue doing this job for the rest of my life, which means that somewhere along the line there has to be a career change.  The field I'm looking at getting into is booming right now so if I don't get in now, will it be a saturated market by the time I go back to school?  There are many other places that have access to outdoor activities, and they'll also have great cultural happenings around town (like the town I'd have to move to for school). 

So I know I want a change eventually, but I'm not sure if it needs to be right now.  I suppose I'll go to the meeting, gather more information, discuss it with those close to me, and make the best decision I can.  Wish me luck!

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