Monday, March 15, 2010

life has a way of working out.

Last week I was feeling stressed out.  My work had asked me to take two Fridays off in a row because of a lack of projects to work on.  From this, I jumped to the conclusion that I would probably have to take every Friday off until my inevitable pink slip.  Dramatic?   Yes.  Did I think I was being dramatic at the time?  No sir, but I was.  Oh how I was.  So dramatic in fact that I started a search for new jobs,  researched school options and even cried to my thoroughly understanding bf who whilst being understanding, also gently told me I may be being a bit dramatic.  Did I believe him?  Nope. 

Of course then, today I get news that a project I've been waiting to start is in fact starting.  This means months of work.  I also was told that I'll be needed in the field for a week, if not more.  More work!  And so, my bout of drama-queen-itis was unnecessary.  Lesson learned.  Better lesson?  Even if it seems a situation warrents feeling dramatic, it doesn't!  Feeling/acting dramatic is a choice.  Instead, roll with the punches, go with the flow, choose to be happy no matter what, and life will work itself out for the better.  It's true.

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