Wednesday, March 10, 2010

bubbles, bubbles.

photo by grazie, davvero

One of my favorite blogs to read is Not That Kind of Girl.  The writer is "on a quest to do 250 completely uncharacteristic things before August 23, 2010" and it's so fun to read about her journey.  I love all of her posts, but her post yesterday (link here) had the most magical effect on me!  After reading it, I was filled with glee and couldn't wait to follow in her footsteps. 

What did she do you ask?  To help her quit smoking, she's taken to blowing bubbles.  Now, I'm not a smoker, but blowing bubbles is certainly a habit I'd like to pick up!  Everywhere she went, hundreds of bubbles flowed after her and the people she came across on the streets all had positive reactions.  Bubbles are so cheery and magical; people can't help but smile around them!  I am in love with this.  How often do you come across such a simple (and unconventional) idea that can warm the hearts of so many? 

If you see bubbles on the streets of Laramie this Spring, I'll surely be close by!

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