Thursday, March 4, 2010

can you grow overnight please? thanks.

screenshot from "Lost Things" by Angela Kohler

I've had short-ish hair for about a two years now.  As many women do, I tend to cycle through the long and short hair over and over...and over.  My hair is now to my shoulders, but I desperately want it to be longer.  Oh hair of mine, please grow faster!     

Another phase that used to be my calling card was ever changing hair color.  Since the 7th grade I haven't shown my real hair color to nary a soul, including my own, and that's just as well as it's a boring, dishwater blonde.  But that's all changed since I've discovered the glorious red that coats my hair now.  I'm in love with it.  In love.  I do wish it was a little brighter though, so I'll experiment the next time I color.  That's right!  I'm a DIYer in the color department.  Sally Beauty supply has saved my life (and my money).  I'm due for a visit.

This video fell into my lap today.  It's a stop motion short called "Lost Things" shot by Angela Kohler.  The video features Alison Sudol (aka A Fine Frenzy + a song she wrote just for the vid) and boy oh boy, do I want her hair.  The length, the color, the curl, it's all so perfect.  Everything about the video is magical and beautiful.  But the hair is what I dream about...okay, and the clothing too.

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