Tuesday, March 2, 2010

wayfaring stranger.

I've started to play the guitar.  There are a couple of friends of mine that are in various stages of learning as well, and we occassionally get together to play.  We've coined this little group with a band name: Knock Knock and the Moles.  It's a weird name, but say it enough and you'll like it...I hope.  Anyways-At first I tried to just play different chords over and over but that got really boring, really fast.  To liven things up a bit (and make myself feel like I'm progressing), I decided to pick an easy song that I love, to learn.  I chose the folk song, Wayfaring Stranger.  It has a simple melody and it's a song that I already know lyrically.  Perfect.  Starting out, the chords were easy enough for me to do until I got to the F.  The blasted F is messing everything up!  At this point, it sounds like a dying cow whenever I strum that particular chord.  To do this chord you have to use one finger to hold down all of the strings, and then use your other fingers to hold other strings down.  Here's a link to the song I'm learning.  If you hover over the F, you'll see what my fingers are supposed to do.  Needless to say, the song abrubtly stops everytime I get to the F.  But it sounds pretty dang awesome up to that point!  Happy strumming!


  1. Very creative, I found myself feeling a little snoopy reading your posts. However, it is a blog and I quickly eased my worries by reading on.

    Are you a morning person now, or, are old habits hard to break?

  2. don't fret!! the F chord is the beginning of a whole new world...keep practicing it cause once you can do it, there are a so many bar chords that will be a piece of cake!!! So when is our next band practice???


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