Wednesday, April 28, 2010

summer plans.

This summer, the boyfriend and I will be making the 17 hour drive from here to Arizona.  I spent my junior high, high school, and college years in the Valley of the Sun and I still have family and friends there.  We'll be there in late July, early August.  If you've ever lived in or visited Arizona during that period of the summer, you may be wondering why, oh why(!) would we visit in the hottest portion of summer?  It's because my brother, who is currently serving in Afghanistan with the Army, will be taking his leave in Arizona at that time.  So, even though we Wyoming folk will shock our systems with unbelievable heat, it'll be worth it to see my little bro!  Bonus: the boyfriend will get to meet him for the first time, along with some more of my fam! 

When we're there, I hope we are able to float down the Salt River, hike Usery Mountain, spend an evening on Mill Avenue (the Big Bang!), swim in my pop's pool, see some good old friends, go to great restaraunts and pubs(In-N-Out Burger, Red, White and Brew, Four Peaks Brewery, Casey Moore's), and who knows what else! I'm excited!

photo of people floating the Salt River by joelstine

photo of Usery Mountain by bethany8183

Do you already have plans for the summer?

Monday, April 26, 2010

snow, snow, snow + knee update.

photos via Just be spLendid

All together now, check your calendars!  What day is today?  That's right, it's April 26.  And what did I wake up to this morning?  Right again!  Snow.  And what did I wake up to for the past three days?  Snow.  Snow, snow, snow.  It's everywhere!  Now, I'm not a Wyoming native so this whole year round winter thing is still a bit foreign to me, but really, it's time for a reprieve!  Laramie summers are lovely.  I've spent two here thus far, and while they certainly don't make the winters bearable, they do help.  So let's get on with it mother nature, bring on summer (or at least spring)!  I'm ready to have fun in the sun (like in the above pictures)!

As for my knee, there are no visible tears!  Woohoo!  So while I'm still not able to do any hard labor, I'm not destined for surgery either.  What a relief. 

I've decided to implement a spending freeze.  What is a spending freeze, you ask?  Maybe you don't need to ask this, because it's quite obvious, but I'll explain just in case.  A spending freeze (my definition) is a period of time that you don't spend any unneccesary fundage on anything.  This means, no eating out, no drinking out, no frivolous shopping, no going to the movies, no sushi (say it ain't so), etc.  It's tough, but is a handy way to cut down on spending, especially when it's gotten a bit out of control.   I'll make more time to bike outside, go on hikes, go to the gym, take a picnic, and all sorts of fun free activities!  I'll let you know how it goes!

Have a great week!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

i finally baked bread.

I've been talking about baking bread for a long while.  Back in January I saw this no-knead bread recipe on honey&jam and went out immediately to gather the ingredients (yes, I know, there are only 4 ingredients and all are basics.  Don't judge my unstocked kitchen!).  But then, the ingredients just sat there day after day, and I continued to make excuses about what little time I had to mix ingredients and wait for it to rise.  Pish posh. 

But I've finally done it!  This weekend was the perfect storm of a bum knee and cabin trip (that I didn't get to go on, but my pals and bf did) so I had oodles of time at home alone.  On Saturday I made the dough, let it rise, and sat it in the fridge and then this morning I pulled a lump of the dough out, let it sit for about an hour, and popped it into the oven.  And now I have this!

photo by yours truly

Cooking and baking is like magic!  I vow to bake much more often.  Not only do you get to pull a magically formed loaf out of your oven, but the smells...THE SMELLS!  I still have a bunch of dough in the fridge so at the very least, I'll be baking the rest of this week. Yum!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

earth day, every day.

nature is not here to serve you

-ani difranco

photo by voss

The boyfriend, a bunch-o-friends, and I saw Ani Difranco last night!  It was so cool.  We had 4th row seats and a great view.  She is such an amazing woman, songwriter, singer and guitar player (among other things).  It was completely inspiring and really makes me consider making music a larger part of my life.  On top of that, she's such a powerful female figure and I can't help but admire her for her strong points of view.  Very cool.

And today is Earth Day!  The quote at the top is from Ani's song "Amendment".  She sang this lyric last night and it stuck with me.  It seems the perfect line to describe how we should view our relationship with our planet.  In my part of the world, Mother Nature is letting her presence be known with fog, rain, wind, and snow.  It' a great day for it!  Are you doing anything to celebrate Earth Day?

photo by bekathwia, note: not my mri, of course

I had my MRI this morning.  No word yet on what the deal is, but the tech did mention that I have a bunch of fluid in the joint.  I have no idea what that means so I'll wait until I get the phone call.  Your knee is DESTROYED!  That's what I imagine they'll say, but surely, that won't happen. :) 

Happy Earth Day!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

bum knee.

I was supposed to leave for a long work trip on Monday.  Have I told you yet that I'm an archaeologist?  Well, I am.  And Monday marked the beginning of a really neat project in Iowa, Minnesota, and South Dakota.  However, on the last project I was on, I twisted my knee and it's still bothering me, even after three weeks of physical therapy.  I have an MRI scheduled for tomorrow and even if that comes back negative, the doc says there's still something wrong.  All of that means that I can no longer go in the field.  How awful! 

Instead, now I'll be able to help the boyfriend move into his new place (that's nice of me I suppose, considering he'll help me move later this summer).  I'll also be able to keep off my knee, which is the biggest issue. 

But I hate that I'm the one abandoning the project though!  It's certainly not my choice, but I still feel like I'm causing problems.  Oh well.  I have limited options.  So!  Now, the goal is to continue with my rehab and cross my fingers that there isn't anything on the MRI that requires surgery.  You can cross your fingers for me too!

Oh, and two people (TWO PEOPLE) got laid off/partially laid off today at my work (partially laid off means there's no work right now, but when we have work again, they can come back).  That's pretty terrifying.  I'm trying to get to the point though, where I stop stressing about these things I can't control.  I have to keep thinking, "everything will be okay".  I always seem to land on my feet, so this time should be no different. :)

Monday, April 19, 2010

amazing weekend recap.

photo via On a High Note

This weekend was chock full of good stuff!  Let me first start off by saying that the weather did not cooperate completely (so rude, when I asked so nicely) but it did give me the opportunity to wear my bright green puddle jumpers!  Score.  Okay, it's best to discuss this weekend in bullet form.  At least, that's what I hear.

  • The boyfriend and I met up with a group of pals at a great new bar downtown.  They have a bunch of local beer on tap, including a delicious Irish Red.  Be careful though; it's more than 8% alcohol!  Ooeee.
  • We ended up dancing at a bar called The Parlor.  It's not often we make our way there, but when we do, we get our groove on...or at least I and my lady friend do.  The boys weren't really into it.  Boring. ;)
  • Yummy bagel sandwiches for breakfast with the boyfriend.  
  • Flea market shopping with a lady friend.  I found some beautiful plates.  $18 for the set of 8.  What a steal!  They'll be perfect for a lovely outdoor meal.  I'm envisioning it now...
  • Met up with the boyfriend again and some other pals for the University of Wyoming's Biennial Keepers of the Fire Powwow.  The outfits, the singing, the dancing: it was all amazing.  It's inspiring to see how much preparation goes into an event like this and to witness a part of their culture.
  • RAIN
  • Later that night, we attended the House of Joy BBQ in town.  It was a fundraiser for the Laramie Plains Museum.  10 dollars for all the beer and food you could handle, plus 6 live bands all night.  It was so cool.  I don't think I've been to a better event in Laramie before.  We all had such a blast.  Aaaaaand you can't really go wrong with free beer. :)
  • From dawn til dusk, the entire day was beautiful.  Sunny, some clouds, blue skies.  Perfect! 
  • The boyfriend and I had tea in a downtown coffee shop.  
  • He organized a picnic, so we met our friends at a local park in the afternoon for sandwiches and frisbee.  It was the best day for a picnic and it was the first time I've been barefoot in the grass this season!  Ooh, and I took some shots with the Diana.  We had a lot of fun.
  • After the picnic, we saw the movie Kick-Ass.  Loved it.  Violence isn't usually my thing (and let's be honest, I closed my eyes during the bad stuff), but the story was really good!  I recommend it.
  • And what's the best way to top off an already perfect weekend?  With sushi of course!  It was delicious, as usual. 
I hope you had a great weekend too!  I might not be posting very often this week.  It's going to be a busy one.  Have a great week!

Friday, April 16, 2010

happy weekend.

What are your plans for the weekend?

Mine will likely consist of some local beer at a local bar, bread baking, flea market browsing, and catching up on some work.  Ooh, the last one doesn't sound too good, does it?  Nope.  But alas, it is necessary.  Hopefully I can make up for having the bore of work in my weekend with all of the other fun stuff that will go on!  And please, oh please, let us have sunshine!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

girl's night.

photo by ginnerobot

Last night, six lovely ladies and I got together for a girl's night.  We drank wine, ordered chinese, and played games.  It was the perfect escape for the middle of the week!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

my own diana prints.

When I was in Fort Collins last weekend, I dropped off two more rolls of film from the Diana!  They'll mail them to me as soon as their done and oh boy, I can't wait!  The photos above are from my last roll of Diana film.  The next rolls will be in color.  I'm excited to see how they turn out!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

i cook like this.

The boyfriend sent me this video yesterday with the message: I'm not gonna lie...this is kind of like cooking with you.

Well folks, he's right.  There are many things that this little cook and I have in common when we're in the kitchen.  Enjoy!

Monday, April 12, 2010

weekend recap.

photo of Old Town Fort Collins by David Kingham

How was your weekend?  I hope it was filled with sunny days and blue skies.  Here are some highlights from mine:
  • The boyfriend and I checked out Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado.  The campus is beautiful.  Awesome.
  • Went to an information session for a program I'm interested in at CSU.  Tons of information, mostly good, very overwhelming.
  • Met up with our good friends and went to FOCOMX, a music festival in Fort Collins.
  • Saw The Dovekins and Stella Luce.  Both killed it. They're so good. 
  • Witnessed a strange drunk fight.  A mustache and super wasted man were involved.
  • ATE A HOTDOG.  Delicious.
  • Stole a cab from someone else.  Maybe that sounds not nice, but it was late.
  • Woke up the next day and ate at Lucile's (best breakfast in town).
  • Shopped at Target, and other lovely shops downtown.
  • Had lunch (complete with a blood orange, yum) at Whole Foods.
  • Headed back to Laramie.
The rest of the weekend was pretty relaxed and normal.  It was a good weekend.  I hope your weekend was too!

Friday, April 9, 2010

this day will be big.


Today is the day!  Which day, you ask?  It's the long awaited meeting for the program I'm looking at at Colorado State.  I'm anxious to see what they have to say and ask some questions.  I'll give a total fill in on Monday.  I'll also get to check out the campus in general.  I've been on campus once, and it's lovely, but I haven't really explored.

After all of that, some friends are meeting the boyfriend and I to attend a music festival called focomx!  It's not your typical fest.  This one is 15 dollars, 15 bars, 150 bands, over two days.  Lots of music overlap, but I don't know many of the bands so that's not a big problem.  One of the bands we do know and are going to see is The Dovekins, of course!  Golly, I love them.  I'm super pumped to introduce our friends to them.  Stella Luce is also playing, as is Fierce Bad Rabbit.  The latter band of the two is one I haven't seen live, but the violinist from Stella Luce is in it, and they sound pretty rockin' on their myspace.  Another band I just found that will be playing sometime tonight is The Tanukis.  They've got a real gypsy sound to them and I think the boyfriend will really dig it.  A fill in on this part of the adventure will come Monday too.  Yay! 

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

it's nearly here.

There's magic in the air.  The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is set to open in June of this year.  If you're a Harry Potter lover then this will certainly be a must see for you!  I know it will be for me.  Just a few of the delights they have in store:  Hogsmeade Village full of shops you'll recognize from the stories, butterbeer at the Hogshead Pub, the Hogwarts Express, rides based on exciting parts from the books AND Hogwarts Castle complete with talking paintings and recreations of Dumbledores office, the Room of Requirement, the Gryffindor Common Room and more.  Read more here and see pics here.  Amazing.  It will be AMAZING.  Are you planning to go?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

relationship rules i think are bogus.

Being in a relationship is one of the joys of life.  It's wonderful to have someone to count on, and love on, and do fun things with.  It can be hard though with friends, family, the internet, and the media telling you what relationships are supposed to be like and how you and your partner are supposed to act.  How do you know who to listen to?  My advice?  Listen, but just do what works for you!  Here are some "relationship rules" I've been told that (in my opinion) are NOT to be listened to:

Rule: Relationships are hard work.

Really: The problem with this rule is not so much the rule itself, but the interpretation.  Sure, relationships take work.  Both people need to be engaged and active in relationship.  There needs to be compromise.  Both people need to work to grow together and keep the relationship alive.  This is all work.  But where some people go wrong is they use this rule as an excuse when the relationship really shouldn't keep going.  Lack of communication, lives going in different directions, excessive arguing, and even worse, emotional or physical violence are all signs that really, something isn't working; not that you're not working hard enough.  Try and look at your relationship honestly.  If it feels like pulling teeth to just talk with your significant other, or if everything turns into an argument, the relationship is probably not a healthy one for you.  And when you find one that is, you'll see that while it will take some work, it won't feel like it because you'll be doing it together.

Better Rule: Be active in your relationship.


Rule: Arguing is good for a relationship.

Really: Discussing is good.  Fighting all the time is not good.  Not to say an argument now and again isn't normal, because it is, but that's not what I'm referring to. Again, I see this rule used as an excuse.  I've heard many a lady say, "We fight a lot, but arguing is good for a relationship."  Um, not everyday, or anytime you don't share the same opinion.  That's a bigger problem.  Communication is one of the most important things in a relationship.  Learn how to communicate with your partner so a simple difference in opinion doesn't turn into a fight.  And bonus!  With good communication, you can actually work problems out, instead of creating more. 

Better Rule: Communicate effectively in your relationship.


Rule: Never go to bed angry.

Really:  Okay, nobody likes to go to bed angry but come on.  Dragging an argument out until all hours of the night just to follow this rule will only make things worse.  I promise.  If you have a big argument and it's nearly time for bed, call a truce for the night and continue the discussion the next day.  Not only will this give both of you time to calm down, but sleep can clear your head and help you think about the problem in a better way.

Better Rule: Try not to go to bed angry, but if it's bedtime, call a truce and finish the discussion the next day.

What relationship rules do you not buy into?

P.S. To the boyfriend-You're the reason I understand why these rules aren't good ones to follow.  Thank you. XO

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

hyperbole and a half.

banner from Hyperbole and a Half, as I'm sure you guessed.

I've recently found the blog Hyperbole and a Half and I think the writer maaaaay be my soul sister.  She uses words like "pokey" and "crawly" to explain feeling sick.  Hello!  She's speaking my language!  She despises creepy crawlies (death to spiders).  And best of all, she draws hilarious, hilarious pictures.  Here's an example.  My reading of her blog may borderline obsession.  I get the shakes if she doesn't post, and when she does post?  Oh man, the excitement is unreal.  Seriously, check it out.  I want you to get addicted too.

Monday, April 5, 2010


I'm a wanderer by nature.  Because of this, I'm always daydreaming of places I'll someday visit, and adventures I'll one day have.  And while that's all good and fun, sometimes I need to remember to stop daydreaming and just be here.  Because really, there is no place I'd rather be. :)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

happy easter, friends.

I hope your day is filled with friends, family, and jelly beans.  

Mine is going to be filled with triple ginger cookies (which is the best way to fill a day, I assure you).

Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

alright snow, you win.

The weather has played an April Fool's trick on Laramie.  Forget about those pesky weather reports that predicted today's white stuff; nobody pays attention to those anymore. 

Yesterday's scene:

Weather: Warmish and springy! 
Clothing on me: Dress, tights and converse sneakers. 
Sleeping arrangements: Slept at the boyfriends.

Today's scene:

Weather: FOUR INCHES OF COLD, WET SNOW.  Wtf weather! 
Clothing on me: Still in a dress, tights and converse sneakers.  NOT appropriate clothing for snow.
Morning situation:  Woke up late (as usual), so I rushed outside, in my innappropriate spring clothing, heaved the snow off my car using my muscles, drove to my place, showered, put on appropriate, dumb, winter clothing, and got to work late (again, as usual). 

So the snow didn't change my schedule too much, but it did make me look silly for 5 minutes while I was outside in a dress (who is that crazy woman?!) and it soaked my poor little shoes.  But now I'm eating homemade bread pudding so it's alright. 

Either way, good one snow.  You certainly fooled me.

happy april fool's day!

photo by Scott Ableman

Now that I'm getting ancient (haha) I'm not much of a prankster anymore, but when my siblings and I were younger we lived for April Fools Day!  We had so much fun saran wrapping the toilet, dying the milk blue, tying doors shut, plus lots-o-other tricks.  I'm sure it drove our parents crazy but that's what they holiday is for, non?  What trick did you pull this year?  What pranks did you pull as a kid?
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