Monday, March 8, 2010

weekend update.

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Oh. My. Goodness.
My weekend was chock full of goodies (and one epic moment of not so good. Let's just say that the bday girl, me, had a bit too much to drink on Saturday night).  Here's the rundown:


A very low key night. The bf and I walked through a warm snowstorm (it happened) to meet another couple at a local bar. We played good music and not so good pool. Let me rephrase that. The boys played good pool. The girls didn't do much to contribute...unless chatting, drinking beer, and occasionally hitting a ball is contributing. Hmmm, I feel like it is.


The bf and I woke early to attend the local Gear Swap. We weren't looking for anything in particular but would've bought something had it jumped out. My wallet thanked me that nothing jumped out. After the gear swap we walked around the now warm and sunny town (with boatloads of melting snow, slush, rivers of water). We had a yummy lunch at a little bakery downtown and then popped over to the grocery store to pick up my eagerly anticipated, (and early ordered) tall, pink cake that only this store makes.

I informed the baker that I was scheduled to pick up the cake at 3pm. She stared. Only stared. Once she snapped out of her trance, she walked around the immense baking area for twenty minutes, looking in their seemingly endless amounts of refrigerators. She found the order slip for the cake, but no cake. No cake? "The party is tonight" I told her. She stared (again) at me and simply stated, "Well we ordered the cake, so we did our part". Ugh. Apparently all cakes are shipped in from Denver. They don't bake them in house. I don't even know if they bake anything in house. What is the purpose of the HUGE baking area then? To make you feel as though they bake it there? They said that they had no idea where the cake was, and I could pick out another cake for free. While kind of nice, it wasn't the same. I ended up picking out some weird generic cake and as I walked out of the store, I vowed to only order from the local bakery from now on.

After the cake fiasco and the miles of walking, I needed a nap, so a nap I took. Of course I slept too long, so after awaking, I scrambled around to get ready for the "80s & Gangsta" party. That's right. I dressed as a Cyndi Lauper wanna be. And most of the other partygoers dressed up too! I love theme parties, but when everyone else gets into it, it is so much more fun. I don't have pictures yet, but soon...very soon. All in all, the party was a success and fun was had by all.


The next morning, after my epic moment of drunkenness, the bf and I headed to Fort Collins for breakfast at one of our favorite places: Lucile's. So good. Can't even tell you how good. Go there. We had "breakfast" at 1:30 (a bit of a late start). Afterwards, we headed to Denver to walk around and then see "Mary Poppins" the musical! Again, SO GOOD. We were in the 6th row, had a perfect view, and watched an incredibly talented bunch put on a magical show.  The set design, the lighting, the caliber of singing and acting…it was all amazing.  I loved every minute of it.

The weekend was so good, and everyone was so good to me. I can't ask for a better bf or group of friends and love how familial it feels when we're all together. Thank you everyone.

I'm 26!

After realizing that my pink cake never arrived and the store offered me a different one, I asked what would happen to the cake I originally ordered when it did finally reach the store.  Her response was that they would of course sell it to someone else.  Fine.  Two days ago I was at the same store grabbing some salmon so I stopped by the bakery cooler to see if my cake was actually there.  Sure enough, there it was.  And it was the ugliest cake I've ever seen!  The icing wasn't thoroughly mixed and it was globbed on like a 2 year old had done it.  What a mess.  Here's a picture I took with my phone.  The glare obstructs part of the view but you can still see the strange globs of icing on the top and the unmixed icing. 

photo by me

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