Friday, March 26, 2010

dream series: my dream home

 photo by linda yvonne

Okay, so you know a little about my apartment.  But I suppose eventually I'll want to settle down into a home (settle down?! ME? Yep, it's true.  One day it will happen).  When I do take decide to make one town, one home, my home, these are the bits I hope I hope the home has:

  • Charming architecture-It doesn't have to be old, but it should have a little character.  
  • Large kitchen-Oh boy, this will be awesome.  Space to store lots of appliance goodies, space to chop lots of ingredients, space to have more than one person in the kitchen! 
  • Garage-I've got a ton of large crafty ideas that are possible with a garage.  Not so possible with an apartment.  And with a garage, I wouldn't have to warm up my car or scrape ice and snow off!  Yes, please!
  • Front porch-It doesn't have to be a big porch, but it'd be so nice to sit on a front porch in good weather.  Sweet tea optional.  
  • Stained glass-Is there anything more magical than colored light shining in from stained glass windows?  I say not!
  • Garden area-I'd love to have a small area to grow a little bit of produce for myself.  Co-workers bring in homegrown tomatoes in the summer and my oh my, they taste like sunshine!  I want to grow some sunshine too!
  • Location-I'm not sure if this exists, but I'd love a little garden alcove within a city.  Ah, perfection.
Oh and it'd be nice if there were some mountains and water nearby.

What are you dream home desires?  And isn't that home at the top adorable? 

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