Tuesday, March 16, 2010

live music.

photo by jesse.millan

I'm a conditional fan of live music.  I don't love being in a huge arena and so far back that you're essentially listening to their (muffled) cd while being jostled by giants that somehow only come out of the woodworks when I actually want to see something. 

What I do love is going to an intimate show with pretty close seats (or the kind of place where everyone can see) and having a real experience with the band.  Some bands that I've seen this way are Stella Luce, Murder by Death and the Dovekins.  All awesome.  All even more awesome because they play in smallish venues.  I'm a short person.  Really short.  And quite often when I'm at a larger show, I can't see a dang thing because giant mcgianter always stands right in front of me.  It never fails.  But smaller venues seem to either have better viewing all around, or there is more room to move around and get a better view.  And the sound quality in small venues?  While some of these bands may not have the most up to date sound equipment, because you're close to them, the sound is raw and amazing. 

Next month Ani DiFranco is coming to Laramie and we have 4th row tickets!  It's going to be amazing!  What's even more awesome is that the venue she'll be playing at isn't very large so I know already, I'll love her show.  I can't wait!

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