Wednesday, April 28, 2010

summer plans.

This summer, the boyfriend and I will be making the 17 hour drive from here to Arizona.  I spent my junior high, high school, and college years in the Valley of the Sun and I still have family and friends there.  We'll be there in late July, early August.  If you've ever lived in or visited Arizona during that period of the summer, you may be wondering why, oh why(!) would we visit in the hottest portion of summer?  It's because my brother, who is currently serving in Afghanistan with the Army, will be taking his leave in Arizona at that time.  So, even though we Wyoming folk will shock our systems with unbelievable heat, it'll be worth it to see my little bro!  Bonus: the boyfriend will get to meet him for the first time, along with some more of my fam! 

When we're there, I hope we are able to float down the Salt River, hike Usery Mountain, spend an evening on Mill Avenue (the Big Bang!), swim in my pop's pool, see some good old friends, go to great restaraunts and pubs(In-N-Out Burger, Red, White and Brew, Four Peaks Brewery, Casey Moore's), and who knows what else! I'm excited!

photo of people floating the Salt River by joelstine

photo of Usery Mountain by bethany8183

Do you already have plans for the summer?


  1. That sounds like it will be a really nice trip! I am so happy you will be able to see your brother. I love love Arizona, and have spent much of my life trying to move there, but it never came to be, even slightly - I guess because I don't have family on the west coast. But I am so drawn to the desert, and the flora there, and native american art, and stucco... Have fun!

    We won't be going away this summer ... instead we will be saving saving for a down payment. Though maybe we will do a weekend trip to the beach.

  2. oooh, road trip! take lots of photos :) xo!


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