Thursday, April 1, 2010

alright snow, you win.

The weather has played an April Fool's trick on Laramie.  Forget about those pesky weather reports that predicted today's white stuff; nobody pays attention to those anymore. 

Yesterday's scene:

Weather: Warmish and springy! 
Clothing on me: Dress, tights and converse sneakers. 
Sleeping arrangements: Slept at the boyfriends.

Today's scene:

Weather: FOUR INCHES OF COLD, WET SNOW.  Wtf weather! 
Clothing on me: Still in a dress, tights and converse sneakers.  NOT appropriate clothing for snow.
Morning situation:  Woke up late (as usual), so I rushed outside, in my innappropriate spring clothing, heaved the snow off my car using my muscles, drove to my place, showered, put on appropriate, dumb, winter clothing, and got to work late (again, as usual). 

So the snow didn't change my schedule too much, but it did make me look silly for 5 minutes while I was outside in a dress (who is that crazy woman?!) and it soaked my poor little shoes.  But now I'm eating homemade bread pudding so it's alright. 

Either way, good one snow.  You certainly fooled me.

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