Sunday, February 21, 2010

ski ski.

photo by Scott Teresi

Last weekend the bf and I (plus 8 other friends) rented a condo in Winter Park, CO.  We arrived Friday night and were scheduled to leave Monday am.  I'll have you know that I ski.  I grew up skiing as a kid, stopped when I moved to the desert, and started back up this year.  So I ski, but I'm not amazing by any means.  On the little ski hill by my little town, I can ski the whole mountain, green through black.  On Winter Park and Mary Jane, I can ski up to blue.  That leaves blue/black, black and double black all off limits to me.  A big mountain is intimidating!  It's also liberating.  There's so much space; the runs are incredibly wide and long.  And even though I was scared half the time, I wish I could ski big mountains all the time.  Do you ski?  If so, where is your favorite place?  What do you ski on?

As for the condo: Amazing.  Amazing!  It was huge, was right by the shuttle for the mountain and was crazy beautiful.  Oh, and there was a hot tub.  It was heaven!  After a long (and I mean long) day of skiing, it was so perfect to come back and soak.  We'll be going back again I'm sure, and when we do, I'll make sure to take pictures this time. :)

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