Thursday, February 25, 2010

is it almost over?

photo by left-hand

Although I'm sure this isn't the case, it seems that this year's winter is the longest winter I've ever experienced.  As this is only my second "real" winter in about 12 or so years, I only have one other winter to compare it to (last year's), but this one seems extra long.  I'm not entirely sure why...Last winter, I cross-country skied a bit, and went snowboarding once.  This year I've either cross-country or downhill skied every weekend.  You think that would make the time go faster, eh?  Apparently not. Our first snow came in October. We've had a couple big snows since then but for the most part it's been snowless and miserably cold (we're talking -15s and such).  February is nearing it's end and March is nearly here (along with my birthday!) so hopefully some warmer weather will come soon too! 

I shouldn't get too excited though.  The bf and I went backpacking for the 4th of July last year and there was still snow on the ground! 

Oh spring, how I miss you.

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