Thursday, July 8, 2010

I once said I'd never go caving.

Our experience wasn't like this at all, but oh my, wouldn't this be amazing?!

I seem to be on an adventurous kick!  I like to think of myself as a risk-taking lady but lately, I've been even more so.  There used to be certain boundaries I wouldn't cross.  No longer. 

This past weekend I went climbing (normal), mini golfing (not out of the ordinary) and CAVING.  Yep, as in squeezing my claustrophobic self through tiny, tiny spaces.  As in getting stuck and mildly freaking out, and then getting unstuck.  As in climbing in dark, damp, thin crevices, ten feet above a small stream for a long way.  It was completely scary, but I felt completely tough after I made it back out.  I also felt completely bruised, but mostly tough.  And the greatest thing about it is that I didn't flip out, and I even had a good enough time to want to do it again. 

Have you ever gone caving?  What's something you've done even though you were terrified to do it?

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